World Population Reaches 8 Billion



There are currently 8 billion people on the earth.


In 12 years, the world’s population increased by 1 billion, according to CNN. “This unprecedented growth is due to the gradual increase in human lifespan owing to improvements in public health, nutrition, personal hygiene, and medicine. It is also the result of high and persistent levels of fertility in some countries,” a United Nations statement read, adding that this moment represents a “milestone in human development.”


The 8 billionth person to live on Earth was identified as Manila-born infant Vinice Mabansag, according to a tweet from CNN Philippines.

Asia experienced the fastest population growth, adding around 700 million people since 2011. In addition, India’s population is expected to grow by almost 180 million, surpassing China as the world’s most populous nation.


Birth rates will start to decline at 8 billion people. Even today, the growth rate is now less than 1% every year. The next billion isn’t expected to arrive until 2037, and after that, 10.4 billion people are expected to live on the planet by the 2080s. With the world population remaining at that level until 2100, sub-Saharan Africa will account for the majority of that expansion.