Tristan Thompson’s Cheating Caused Medically Confirmed Brain Trauma For Khloé Kardashian



Khloe Kardashian was devastated by the most recent Tristan Thompson cheating scandal, and she now has medical evidence that it affected her brain.


For the Kardashians’ Hulu show, Dr. Daniel Amen was prepared to stage a scientific hoax to demonstrate that there is evidence that she was suffering from brain trauma—likely as a result of the scandal.

The doctor then sat Khloe down with some intriguing findings after she had taken a seat on the MRI machine and had her brain scanned.

Khloe was shown by Dr. Amen the obvious indicators of brain damage. Who knew, but it is possible to observe the small differences in brain patterns that reveal such trauma.


The truth is that Khloe knew she was traumatized before she even had a brain scan. Tristan encouraged Khloe to become pregnant again in July 2021 even though he was already expecting a child with another woman. In November, the conceived embryo was placed into a surrogate, and a few weeks later Khloe discovered Tristan was expecting a child with someone else.


Yet another intriguing episode detail is Tristan proposed to Khloe in December 2020, according to Khloe. She claimed she wanted to be proud of the relationship before making the revelation to the public, so she kept it a secret from her sisters for months.