Swing Ride Crashes to Ground at Theme Park in Terrifying Viral Video



A horrifying video of an amusement park ride in Mohali, India malfunctioning and crashing to the ground has gone viral.


According to the regional news network NDTV, the incident occurred on Sunday, September 4, at about 9:15 p.m. local time at a fairground. Numerous people were on the ride as it slammed to the ground, leaving debris and injured riders, as can be seen in the incident video. Authorities claim that no one died during the trip, but 16 people were brought to a neighboring hospital to obtain medical attention for their wounds.


Nikhil Choudhary, a TV9 journalist, posted the viral footage on Twitter and said that women and children were among the many injured. As many as 50 passengers were on board, according to eyewitnesses, Choudhary claimed in a statement sent to Insider, and at least half of them were hurt. When the ride broke down, it dropped by around 50 feet. Although there were no ambulances waiting at the fair, according to Choudhary, emergency vehicles arrived on the scene quickly after the collision.