Referee shows white card in Benfica vs Sporting


Image Credit: Twitter/B24PT


A referee supervising Saturday’s women’s match between rivals Sporting Lisbon and Benfica gave a white card.

The sight of a white card will seem strange to virtually every football fan because yellow and red cards have been an integral part of the game for decades.

Prior to halftime of the women’s match in Portugal, the new card was displayed.

The white card was brandished by the referee in the same manner that a match official would brandish a yellow or red card while Benfica was leading 3-0.


The Sun said that towards the conclusion of the first half, someone on the bench in the dugout became unwell.

Then, medical personnel from both sides raced to the person’s assistance.

To the delight of the crowd inside the Estadio da Luz, the referee then displayed the white card after resolving the situation.


White cards are intended to recognize and applaud clubs for fair play, as opposed to yellow and red cards, which are used to punish teams for violating football’s regulations.

The white card appears to have been pointed in the direction of the medical personnel in this instance, who arrived quickly to treat the person in the dugout.