PS5 Consoles Released This Summer to have SSD storage expansion

Sony are ready to launch their upcoming PS5 consoles for release in the summer to come with SSD storage expansion and quicker cooling fan speed.

According to Hypebeast via Bloomberg, there will be a 325GB increase in storage from the predecessor’s standard 500GB capacity in order to deal with the space of next-gen games.

The new 825GB consoles is expected to fit in the vacant M.2 expansion slot of Sony’s consoles with only 665GB being usable.

Whilst the PS5 is compatible with rapid-speed PCle 4.0 M.2 SSD drives, gamers will have to wait for Sony to unlock additional storage with a firmware update and disclose which are officially supported.

Higher unlocking speeds will also be included in the firmware update to avoid overheating on the dual SSDs.

Source: Hypebeast via Bloomberg