Pop Smoke’s Brooklyn gravesite destroyed

Unidentified vandals have smashed up the crypt of rapper Pop Smoke and apparently tried to get something out of the tomb, according to TMZ. The damage was discovered early Saturday morning at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, where the 20-year-old star was put to rest after he was fatally shot during a Hollywood Hills home invasion last year. According to photos of the damaged crypt published by TMZ, the outer wall of the mausoleum—which featured the rapper’s real name, Bashar Barakah Jackson—was broken and there were drag marks on the floor, as if the perpetrators tried to pull something out of the tomb. An eyewitness cited by TMZ said there was further evidence at the scene that the unknown vandals tried to get into Pop Smoke’s casket: a concrete slab that would normally sit on top of the casket was found outside.