New York is proposing to offer money to people who report bike lane violations



Members of the New York City Council are debating a fresh proposal that would pay citizens for reporting bike lane violations.


According to Bloomberg, the Department of Transportation is considering the bill, which would compensate those who provide proof of a parking violation 25% of a suggested $175 fine.

City councilman Lincoln Restler claims that the New York City Police Department, which has been in charge of keeping an eye on the aforementioned violations, hasn’t been issuing enough fines.


“I feel the safety risks every day that are associated with illegal parking,” Restler said. “It’s even more problematic for the parent pushing a stroller or a person in a wheelchair who can’t get by on the sidewalk because of illegally parked cars. That’s why we are creating, in this legislation, a new structure to bring real accountability.”


When a vehicle is located within a radial distance of 1,320 feet of a school building, entrance, or exit, the bill would establish a new violation and civil penalty for hazardous obstruction of a bicycle lane, bus lane when bus lane restrictions are in place, sidewalk, crosswalk, or fire hydrant by such vehicle.


The Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings would be able to review such infractions (OATH). The Department of Transportation (DOT) must establish a civilian reporting program under the proposed legislation so that citizens can report such violations and provide DOT with supporting documentation.