Mauricio Pochettino is ready to leave PSG and take over as manager of Manchester United RIGHT NOW



Mauricio Pochettino has expressed interest in managing Manchester United, and it is not impossible that he may now be appointed as the manager of Paris Saint-Germain.

The Argentine is highly regarded at United, but it was thought that luring him away from PSG in the middle of the season would be impossible.

On Sunday, United terminated Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and announced that they were seeking for an interim manager.

However, Pochettino’s possible availability may change things.

Although it is not believed that United has made an offer, the 49-year-old is dissatisfied with his current situation at PSG, where his function is effectively that of first-team coach, with sports director Leonardo handling all bigger club and footballing problems.

Pochettino had greater influence over Tottenham during his five years in command, and he is rumored to want to return to the Premier League.