Marvel Studios’ ‘Secret Invasion’ new trailer out


Marvel Studios


For its new series Secret Invasion, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Don Cheadle, Ben Mendelsohn, and Emilia Clarke, Marvel has released the first trailer.

Jackson, who plays Nick Fury once more in the series, talked to Vanity Fair about what viewers might anticipate from the show, which will not include any of Fury’s trusty Avengers.


“What’s not doing is call calling in his super friends,” Jackon said. “So that’s part of the whole dilemma. I mean people want them and he’s not bringing them. You’ll find that out. There’s a very good reason he’s holding back.”


Mendelsohn, who is reprising his role as Talos, added his thoughts on the Skrulls vs. humans theme of the show.


“I think any time that you get cultures that have significant tensions between groups of people, then you can find a corollary,” says Mendelsohn. “The Cold War stuff is the big one that jumps out, but there is plenty of strife between groups of people that this addresses.”


The Skrulls’ attempted invasion of Earth will be the focus of Secret Invasion, which debuts on Disney+ on June 21.