Man attacks New York McDonalds with an axe



A man got into a fight with three people early on Friday, according to police, and then started swinging an axe around inside a McDonald’s.


Around 2:25 a.m., NYPD received a call reporting a fight inside a McDonald’s on the Lower East Side.


Police were informed by witnesses that Micahel Palacios, 31, engaged in physical combat with three unidentified guys. In a video that has received over 22 million views on Twitter, Palacios is seen taking an axe out of his backpack. Then, according to officials, he allegedly began swinging the axe, damaging tables and glass while yelling threats at customers at the McDonald’s.


In his pack, a knife was discovered by police. The following accusations led to his arrest:


Criminal mischief

Three counts of menacing

Two counts of Criminal possession of a weapon


Over two minutes of back-and-forth, threats, and violence are shown in the trending video.

The victims reported no injuries.