Lance Reddick, ‘The Wire’ and ‘John Wick’ Star, Dies at 60


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Lance Reddick, a character actor known for playing intense, frigid, and potentially sinister characters in movies and television, including “The Wire,” “Fringe,” and the “John Wick” series, has passed away. He was 60.


Reddick passed away “suddenly” on Friday morning, according to a statement from his spokeswoman Mia Hansen, who gave natural causes as the reason of death. No more information was given.


Wendell Pierce, Reddick’s co-star on “The Wire” paid tribute on Twitter. “A man of great strength and grace,” he wrote. “As talented a musician as he was an actor. The epitome of class.” “John Wick — Chapter Four” director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves said they dedicating the upcoming film to Reddick and were “deeply saddened and heartbroken at the loss.”


Reddick was often clothed in a suit or a crisp uniform over his career, playing towering, taciturn and elegant men of distinction. On the popular HBO series “The Wire,” where his character was agonizingly caught up in the murky politics of the Baltimore police department, he was most known for playing the stiff-upper-lipped Lt. Cedric Daniels.


“The Wire” creator David Simon praised Reddick on Twitter: “Consummate professional, devoted collaborator, lovely and gentle man, loyal friend. Could go on, but no, I can’t go on. This is gutting. And way, way, way too soon.”