Kid Cudi Says He Don’t Have The Desire To Make More Albums After “Entergalactic”



Kid Cudi hinted that he might be done with album releases after the release of his latest album, Entergalactic, and the Netflix special that accompanied it.


Cudi hinted that he’s looking to pursue other endeavors at least temporarily in an interview with Zane Lowe regarding the project. “The Kid Cudi stuff, I think I want to put it on the back burner and chill out with that,” he told Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1. “I think, I want to be done with it. I think, closing the chapter on Kid Cudi.”


Entergalactic was actually the result of his desire to branch out from releasing albums and touring; he was “bored” of doing more conventional releases and wanted to try something new. “I was like, ‘Man, I went into this wanting to do something epic and different.’ And now, that I’ve done that, I just… I’ve made a lot of music, man,” he continued. “I’ve said a lot and I have other desires, I have other things I want to do. And I do not see me never making music, I’ll always fuck around in the studio, or make something here and there. But, as far as getting in the studio and working on an album, and then going and touring it, I just don’t have it in me.”


Over the past few years, Cudi has progressively accumulated an amazing filmography and begun to appear in more television programs and motion pictures. He wants to slow down with music for more reasons than just acting, though. “I have so many other things I want to invest my time into… I really want to spend more time with my daughter,” he said. “We’ve been kicking in a lot lately and I’ve been having more time and it’s good, she’s growing up, our relationship is super tight. It’s what I always dreamed of.”