‘I hope he returns’ – John Cena speaks on rumours of The Rock’s possible WWE comeback

Having only just returned to the WWE ring himself, John Cena has spoken on rumours that The Rock may also join him in returning to the sport.  

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cena said that he would be thrilled to see the fellow Hollywood actor return to the ring, as he’s quoted by Hypebeast saying:

“Dwayne Johnson is a star in his own universe. There is no one like him. There will never be anyone like him. For him to be gracious enough to return to WWE, its own global entertainment phenomenon, that’s great for WWE and it is great for The Rock.”

Although Cena was clear that he wasn’t speaking for The Rock, he added: “As a fan of WWE, I really hope he returns. I think it would be special for everyone.”

This year’s edition of Survivor Series would mark 25 years to the date that The Rock made his WWE debut as fans have speculated that he could start a feud with Roman Reigns.