Jeff Bezos reveals he wants to fly to space with his brother

Departing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced plans for a flight to space with his brother with an Instagram post on Monday.

According to Hypebeast via Business Insider, Bezos will be leaving the company he founded on July 5th and on July 20th, both the 57-year-old and his brother Mark plan to fly to space on the New Shepard spacecraft. The shuttle is produced by another of Bezos’s founding companies from 2000, Blue Origin.

The Bezos brothers along with four others, will be on the flight up to space which will take 11 minutes as crew members will travel 62 miles above the Earth’s surface. Of the four vacant seats, one of which will be auctioned, the latest offer is reportedly approaching $3 million [€2.46 million] with 6,000 participants across 143 countries showing interest.


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