TikToker who used absurd amount of Gorilla Glue on her hair prompts brand response

Gorilla Glue has responded to TikToker, Tessica Brown, who sprayed the adhesive all over her hair having ran out of traditional hairspray.

After several washes, the bottle of Gorilla Glue kept Brown’s hair in place, which she has been unable to move her now extremely firm hair. Not even coconut and tea tree oil could solve the problem.

Unsurprisingly, Brown is telling others to avoid using this temporary beauty hack as a substitute for actual hair products, as quoted by UniLad saying, “When I do my hair, I like to finish it off with a little göt2b Glued Spray, you know, just to keep it in place. Well, I didn’t have any more göt2b Glued Spray, so I used this: Gorilla Glue spray. Bad, bad, bad idea. My hair, it don’t move. You hear what I’m telling you? It. Don’t. Move.”

Tessica is reportedly suffering with headaches and it’s even impossible to shave off her uncomfortable hair. Gorilla Glue told IMZ that rubbing alcohol may be the solution, “The less aggressive solvent for her hair/scalp would be rubbing alcohol to try and saturate her hair and then gently comb it out and shampoo.”

The brand has also warned however that the roots of the hair have ‘likely become fractured, but we certainly hope for the best’.

Source: UniLad