GAP Reveals YEEZY Line Release Set for End of June

Gap is hopeful that the YEEZY line is “on track” amid the fashionwear’s quarterly reports on May 27th, according to Business of Fashion via Hypebeast.

As reported by Business of Fashion via Hypebeast, Gap are aware of the financial importance of this exciting partnership with Kanye West’s brand, as the high-street retailer is confident of earning $150 million [€122.8 million] in the collaboration’s first full year.

Gap suffered a turbulent 2020 after 225 of its stores closes in August, two months after the link up with YEEZY was announced. They suffered an 18% fall in overall sales, with the year ending in more closures and more losses.

Gap’s estimation halfway into the 10-year-deal with Yeezy is that there will be a $1 billion [€819.1 million] in annual sales, when the partnership can then be renewed.