15-year-old FIFA 21 star Anders Vejrgang takes Ultimate Team record to 510-0

Anders Vejrgang cannot be stopped in FIFA 21 at the moment as the teenage sensation took his FUT Champs unbeaten streak to 510-0.

The 15-year-old, who has been streaming his emphatic FIFA progress on Twitch, where he has 500k followers, had posted 450 wins without defeat on his birthday last month.

The RBLZ Gaming team member rose to fame last November, where he had won 150 matches in a row and since then he has been unstoppable.

Vejrgang, who brought up his 510th victory on Sunday morning, is still a year away from being able to participate in official competitions, where you have to be 16 years old to compete.

Since playing FIFA 13 on PlayStation 3, Anders has had ambitions of being the best FIFA player in the world.

In an exclusive interview with SPORTbible in December, the teenager said, “I’m very ambitious and as long as I’m not allowed to compete in international tournaments, the weekend-league is my competition to shine in,” the Dane who plays 30 weekend league games a week explained.

“I want to score goals. I defend on a very high line, pressure my opponent as much as possible and try to use my skill-set in the offence.

“I respect every opponent and just want to win. I take it game by game and hope to stay unbeaten for as long as possible.”

22-year-old Tom Leese, also spoke to SPORTbible about his professional career in playing FIFA becoming a better decision for him than going to university.

“I went to a tournament and won some prize money there. I made an agreement with my mum that if I can do my A-Levels to the highest level and take school seriously for the rest of the year, I can try and make the climb into full-time FIFA when I finish.

“It was just making sure I had some grades and education behind me if it goes wrong.

“The prize money can definitely help my mum out whenever she needs it because it’s repaying the faith she put into me.

“At 18, it wasn’t easy for her to just let me play FIFA for a living – especially as I’ve always been a fairly smart student and I was looking to go to university.”

Source: SPORTbible