Elon Musk tweets sends Real Estate shockwaves in Texas

Real estate agents in Texas are going to be working round the clock after Elon Musk showed his intention to open up his SpaceX business in the yet-to-be-built city of Starbase in Texas.

The Tesla CEO’s tweets were a message for those interested in working for SpaceX to relocate to Starbase or the Brownsville/South Padre area in Texas.

TMZ have contacted estate agents in Texas, who are saying that there has been a real estate surge because of what they call “the Elon Musk effect”.

Agents have seen a first in being contacted by potential buyers from outside of the state, many who are willing to pay above the asking price for homes in the area. One agent has already sold seven houses to SpaceX employees as calls from all over the United States keep coming.

Source: TMZ