Athlete protests and demonstrations at Tokyo Olympics will see sanctions

Athletes that protest at the Tokyo Summer Olympics whether that be at the Opening Ceremony or on the podium this summer will be punished.

Unveiling its policy for the event on Wednesday, the International Olympic Committee revealed that they spent 11 months consulting experts and athletes before these regulations were confirmed.

The “majority” of the 3,500 elite athletes and Olympians aged between 16-55+ polled were strongly against demonstrations going unpunished.

Here is what IOC Athletes’ Commission chief Kirsty Coventry had to say on the subject (start at 48:42):

With three months to go till Tokyo 2020 commences, the IOC are still working out details of what the sanctions will be for those that undertake protests and demonstrations.

This also follows the news that the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee chose not to punish athletes who take a knee. However, the USOPC acknowledged that a “third-party” like the IOC could still act upon.

Source: TMZ