Amir Khan buys $40,000 Rolex Daytona for his 1-Year-Old Son

Not many one-year-old’s have a watch, let alone one that costs $40,000 [€33,000], but Amir Khan’s son has been gifted a Rolex Daytona for his first birthday.

The British boxer celebrated his boy’s special day by selecting an 18k Everose Cosmograph Daytona with a chocolate and black dial.

Khan, took to Instagram Stories posting a picture of the timepiece, the caption read: “Got my little boy his first birthday present, his watch collection needs to [be] on [point].”

Hypebeast reports that the current retail price for the specific Rolex Daytona model Ref. 11605 is at a whopping $40,000 [€33,000]. I guess it is the thought that counts…

Source: Hypebeast