Adele cries as she sees her teacher for the first time in a long time



During her ITV performance special, An Audience With Adele, Adele was overwhelmed with emotion.

The British starlet was surprised onstage by her former English teacher, Ms. McDonald, in a viral clip from the TV special, and she lost it. In the video, Dame Emma Thompson asks the singer who influenced her as a child, and the chart-topping singer admits that her instructor had an impact on her. “Yeah, but it was just for a year, and she was the one who got me really involved in literature.” “For example, I’ve always been obsessed with English, and now, obviously, I compose lyrics,” she told the audience during the private gathering.“She was so bloody cool, so engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us.”

To Adele’s surprise, the folks behind the An Audience TV special invited Ms. McDonald to the show and reunited the pair. “I’m so proud of you,” McDonald told the singer, to which she responded, “I didn’t know you were coming.

On Twitter, Adele shared clips from the event, describing her return to London as “just heaven.” “Home Sweet Home,” she says. I’ve always wanted to do An Audience With… The return kid wrote of the performance, “Everyone was raucous and bang up for it! And my teacher Ms McDonald was there, it was just heaven ♥️.”