50 Cent donates $300,000 to School District Business Programs in Houston

50 Cent has donated a whopping $300,000 [€245,224] to the Houston Independent School District through his G Unity Foundation.

The amount was matched by the Houston United Group by implementing an advanced business program to the district and its three high schools. This means that a total of $600,000 [€490,449] will be allow the 50-created program to commence.

“Over the past 20 years, I’ve been focused on academic enrichment projects and making donations to already exciting organizations that can execute it,” 50 said in a statement, as reported by KHOU 11 via Complex.

“Following COVID, providing the opportunities and tools for people to make their path easier in entrepreneurship, it’s exciting to be a part of that. And a great way to start things in Houston. It’s three schools now, but it’s going be a lot more. Watch me.”

Sylvester Turner, Houston’s mayor, said the new G Unity Labs will support students learning at Worthing, Wheatley, and Kashmere high schools to be educated on running a business and creating a business plan.

“[50 Cent] is interested in investing in this city, creating jobs and supporting young people,” Turner said as quoted by Complex. “In a short amount of time, [he] has made his presence known in Houston.”