5.8 Magnitude Earthquake on Crete Island of Greece

The area of earthquakes in Eastern Europe is Aegean Sea. Mostly turkey is under attack of back to back Earthquakes and now Crete Island of Greece has been shaken.

The magnitude for Crete earthquake is around 5.8 and this is not that low for Eastern Europe. Nowadays the Eastern faults are active and seismic moves are available.Last 24 hours after 5.8, again Arkalochori saw magnitude of 5.3 on September 28, at 07.48.

According to American National Seismic System we can see 38 earthquakes worldwide. 10 of these 38 eartquakes are more important than the others. Because they more bigger than 4.5 magnitude. 4 of these 10 earthquakes are around Greek islands. That part of the world is pretty active these days. And Turkey has seen some movements last week in Niksar, Tokat, too.